Bathtubs can cause a wide range of complex issues, and no problem is too small for the Twins to help with.

  • Has your family outgrown the bathtub or do you just want it removed?
  • Is the silicone splitting around the bathtub causing mould due to the moisture?
  • Does your bathtub need to be resurfaced? Do the wall mounted faucets need replacing?
  • Does your bath have a slow draining problem that needs to be fixed?
  • Do the tiles need re-grouting?
  • Do you have water coming through the ceiling on the floor below after using your bath?
  • Is your bath coming away from the wall?

With any of the above problems, the Twins can look into it and suggest the best course of action. Your comfort is their number one priority.

We can help you with

Relevant Services

  • Bathtub Installation
  • Bathtub Replacement
  • Bathtub Repairs
  • Blocked Drain Cleaning
  • Hot Water System Repairs
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems