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Hot Water Installation

We all rely on having hot water in our homes, however it is important to get the right system to match your needs. Installing a new hot water system is an important investment because if done correctly these systems will run for decades. The ongoing cost of generating hot water can account for over 25% of your energy usage, so it is important to get a hot water system that provides a long-term solution. For years the Twins have provided families and businesses with the best heater for their installation, some common factors that we need to understand are:

  • Is it for domestic, commercial or industrial use?
  • Do you want an electric, gas, solar powered or heat pump?
  • If you want solar powered, is your property able to accommodate a solar powered hot water system?
  • Do you want a stored or instant hot water service?
  • What are your hot water requirements? eg How many litres over how many hours?

The Twin Plumbers are more than happy to help determine the installation that is best for you.

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  • Hot Water System Repairs
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