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Hot Water System Repairs

Hot water systems need regular maintenance so that they work efficiently. Did you know that once every year you should drain several litres of water from your tank to flush your water heater? Flushing removes any sediments that have been built-up so that you minimise corrosion and improve how efficiently the system heats your water. You should also test the pressure relief valve by lifting up on the lever and letting it snap back. The valve should allow a burst of water into the drainpipe, if not it means that your pressure relief valve likely needs replacing. Are you heating the water to the right temperature? By lowering the temperature setting (especially in the summer), you can lower your electricity bill and reduce the risk of scalding.

The Twin Plumbers can investigate your situation and offer the best solution to your problem. It may be as simple as installing a new valve and adjusting the temperature or as complex as replacing the obsolete unit.

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