The most common symptoms of a toilet leak are small pools of water at the floor flange, and moist or spongy flooring around the toilet, and shifting or warping of the flooring around the toilet. Detecting the extent of toilet leaks can be challenging, as these can also occur underneath the toilet, such as in the small gap between the fixture gasket and the pipes forming. These can cause severe damage to not only your home but also the health of any person or pet in the house as toxic toilet waste can spread through the home. A leak that is not properly treated can actually even start to rot the foundations of a home if left for too long. We offer a Leak Detection service which can resolve any leak detections you may have.

The Twin Plumbers offer a range of solutions for leaking toilets including regular toilet check-ups to ensure no leaks have occurred. If there are any leaking toilets, we offer a wide range of toilet plumbing solutions that can handle all problems. We also can provide on the spot toilet replacement quotes. We have been doing toilet installations and toilet repairs for over 30 years and can deal with any problems that you may have. We can be contacted over the phone or on our social media accounts. We can also be discreetly contacted using our Contact Form. We look forward to being able to help you as soon as possible.

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