A broken pipe can cause serious harm to you and your home, through flooding, gas poisoning or a gas fire. The fix required differs depending on the type of leak and type of pipe. There are several short-term solutions to patching a pipe, but often a leak in one place indicates that it is simply a matter of time before there will be leak in other places too. Where old pipes have corroded to the point of leaking a full replacement is highly likely, which can involve doing soldering and threaded fittings. This corrosion is not always visible from the outside either, as older setups with galvanized pipes will corrode from the inside out. Small amounts of water build-up around the pipe can actually occur without a leak through a condition often referred to as ‘sweating pipes’, which is actually just a buildup of condensation on the outside. We can help you solve these with waterproofing compounds and specific types of wraps.

The Twin Plumbers have been fixing drain pipes, sewer pipes, and gas pipes for over 30 years. We treat plumbing pipes with proven long-term solutions and have conquered even the trickiest pipe replacement and pipe relining jobs. Please do not hesitate to contact us over the phone, through social media, or through our site – there are often steps that we can take to protect against further damage before we’re able to get there with a proper fix.

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